The best Gluten Free and Health Food Products in one place

What we stock

At Ballarat Wholefoods Cafe we don't just have the best tasting healthy and gluten free food in Ballarat.  We also stock a wide range of specialty organic products to keep your health on track.

We have pantry products including, cake mixes, bread mixes and all the gluten free baking essentials like almond meal, tapioca and arrowroot, coconut flour and even green banana flour. We have nut butters, spices, coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut aminos sauces.

We have Bulletproof MCT oils,  Clean Lean Protein Powders, Paleo Protein and Hemp Protein.

We also stock a large range of Vegan products including  dairy free and vegan cheeses, Zebra Dream coconut milk ice cream, protein patty mixes and the amazing organic vegan Eco Tan skin care and tanning range.

You will also find Byron Bay Gluten Free pies, Schulz Organic Dairy Milk, local Millbrook Free Range Eggs, Gluten Free Precinct Bread, Paleo Bread and locally made all natural and preservative free, free range Country Style Smallgoods ham, bacon and sausages.  

There is all this and more so come on in and check us out.

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At Ballarat Wholefoods Cafe we believe food is medicine and the best way to a strong healthy immune system is through a healthy gut. That's why we have an extensive range for all your gut health needs including bone broth concentrates and powders, collagen, raw fermented sauerkrauts, raw fermented cashew cheese, kombucha, kefir, apple cider vinegar and fire tonic.

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